Jenna Bowne

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I am a health and fitness professional, as well as a wife and mom of two. My family is far and away my first priority and my reason for intentionally creating the best quality of life possible. I also enjoy spending time with family, going to the beach, reading books, playing piano, listening to music, great food and connecting with friends. I am passionate about living a healthy active lifestyle, access to pure food sources, being present for my children, being a loving wife, and following God’s plan so I can fulfill my purpose here on earth.

My degree in Athletic Training was sought after many years of playing competitive sports, and knowing that I wanted to work with athletes and other active individuals who placed a high priority on their health, training and success. It was only after graduate school that I realized my larger desire for a family and re-prioritized my time to create a life where family came first. I became a certified personal fitness trainer and used my background to  work closely with individuals who had recently completed physical therapy for injuries. I also began to focus much of my work on the pre/post natal population, obtaining specialized certifications in order to work with these women whom I related to and connected with deeply. There were some athletes, but the majority of my clients were professional business people, pregnant women, parents of young children and the elderly.

I realized that everyone needed help, motivation and the ability to trust the person providing it, and that there were so many more people I could help by expanding my scope of care.  Over the years, I’ve helped design and facilitate a corporate preventive fitness program, a summer shapedown camp for overweight children, and a juvenile diabetes program. I learned so much from these people.  All of their struggles, road blocks, bad habits and frustrations became mine, and we worked on them together. The obesity epidemic is about so much more than just losing weight – its a multi-faceted issue that needs everyone’s awareness, compassion, and dedication to solve.

In 2007, while living in Savannah, GA, I started a health & wellness company that aimed to provide answers for my client’s biggest hurdles regarding their health and fitness. Those barriers were most often addressed with the convenience of in-home personal training, the education of food sources & ingredients, the awareness of following a balanced diet, the tools of purchasing and preparing food on a budget, and the guidance and accountability of  a knowledgeable coach and trainer.

That business became FitMinded, and I am thrilled to bring it to the DelMarVa community my family and I now call home.