Fitness Services

Physical Health Consultation & Exercise Prescription:   An in-home discussion of current health habits and fitness level, barriers to appropriate wellness plan, available support system, and desired outcomes.  Client will receive a written prescription with complete plan of action to reach goals.

Baseline Fitness Assessment:   A general fitness overview to include height, weight, measurements, BMI, body fat percentage, cardiovascular and strength assessments.

Sports Conditioning Assessment:   A general fitness and conditioning assessment for the athlete.  Determines speed, agility, flexibility, strength, and muscular endurance level. Offers suggestions to improve in these areas.

Alignment & Form Demonstration:   Proper form is important to prevent injury and allow for maximum benefit from the exercise. Specific guidelines regarding proper alignment will be explained and demonstrated.  Meeting will take place at client’s home or gym of choice.

Follow-up Meeting & Exercise Prescription Progression:   It is essential to determine the effectiveness of your exercise plan and continually make adjustments in order to prevent plateaus and see continued progress.  This service will ensure you’re on the right path to reach your goals.

Follow-up Fitness Assessment:   After an appropriate amount of time has passed, the best way to determine effectiveness of an exercise plan is to compare your current fitness to your original fitness assessment.  This service will give you a side by side comparison and highlight areas of improvement.

In-home Personal Training:   Once a Physical Health Consultation and Baseline Fitness Assessment have been performed, personal training can be discussed as a part of the overall wellness plan.  Sessions are 30-, 45- and 60-minutes in length; packages of 10 sessions or more are available at a discount.