Nutrition Services

Nutrition Consultation:     Discussion of current dietary habits, desired outcomes and goals.  Addresses the current state of nutrition, any lack of knowledge regarding proper dietary choices, support system, barriers to success and any dietary restrictions.

Grocery Store Strategy Shop:     Meet at up to three (3) different local stores to go over healthy food choices, shopping on a budget, how to choose between brands, and ingredient label reading.

Personalized Meal Plan Overview:     General explanation of suggested meal plan and dietary approach necessary to reach desired outcomes.  Presented in written report. Includes three (3)  monthly check-ins (discussions over the phone) and subsequent adjustments to the plan in order to see continued success.

Weekly Meal Plan:     Individualized; based on your specific dietary requirements and goals.  E-mailed on a weekly basis. Available in three levels: dinners only, 2-3 meals per day, and 4-6 meals per day.  Can be purchased one time as an example or on an on-going basis.

Ingredient List by Category:     Corresponds with your suggested Meal Plan and specific recipes.  E-mailed along with the weekly meal plan.  Makes shopping simple and budget friendly.