“Jenna has been a boon to our health and fitness. When we met her several years ago, my husband and I (who took separate sessions of an hour each with her on a weekly basis for physical training) had not regularly exercised. Jenna developed a regimen of three days a week for us. She was tough and firm as well as caring. Her knowledge of nutrition and exercise in general, brought us to new levels of fitness and a better state of mind.
I would recommend Jenna for her endeavors with total mind/body fitness. She is extremely capable, knowledgeable and a very nice and trustworthy person. She becomes your cheerleader and your encouraging professor and a supportive friend.”
~ Karon C.
Savannah, GA.

“Jenna came to us highly recommended by a friend. With most people there are positives and negatives. With Jenna, there are no negatives. I have employed hundreds of people over the years and I can count the superstars on one hand. Jenna is a superstar.
One of the characteristics of top people is that they find a replacement when they leave. Jenna vetted a number of people and selected an excellent person who is still with us.
I can always find a reason not to exercise, so having Jenna come to our house on a regular basis got me into great shape. I look better and feel better.
Jenna is dependable, honest, and ethical. She is a first class trainer who seems to know just how far to push her clients. She made sure my form was right so as to maximize the benefits of exercise.”
~ Rick M.
Savannah, GA.

“We trained with Jenna for almost three years. She challenged us with high-intensity total body workouts. We enjoyed our personal training workout sessions with Jenna and both saw results. We wish we still lived in the same state as Jenna so she could train us again! We highly recommend Jenna and her company FitMinded!
~ David & Jamie M.
Savannah, GA.